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It's great working for a smaller force; it sounds cliché but you really are more than just a number in Hertfordshire.

Detective Constable Tanzeem Siddiqui
Detective Contable Tanzeem Siddiqui

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Case Studies

It's the best move I've ever made

Detective Constable Jacqueline Page
Joint Child Protection Investigation Team

DC Jacqueline Page, 35, transferred to Hertfordshire in November 2017 and hasn't looked back since.

Joining Herts meant she was able to swap a gruelling three-hour round trip on the train for a much shorter drive into the office and,ultimately, a far better work-life balance.

"I had thought about transferring to Herts at some point in the future but hadn't taken any steps to make it happen. I had joined the trainee detective scheme in my previous role and assumed I would have to see it through before being able to move.

"However, a chance meeting with a senior Herts detective outside of work helped to get the ball rolling. She explained to me that the Constabulary would accept people who were still completing their workbooks and, after some discussion, passed my details to HR. The next thing I knew, I was filling in the forms and haven't looked back since.

"Things are so much better for me now and I have a far better work-life balance. It's nice working for a smaller force as you feel like you make a real difference. Everyone knows everyone, you aren't just a number here.

"I would say to people that if you've even got an inkling that you want to transfer, then you probably should. It's worked out perfectly for me and it's the best move I've ever made."

Detective Constable Jacqueline Page

Transferring to Hertfordshire

At Hertfordshire Constabulary, we pride ourselves on recognising people with real potential. It’s the reason weoffer our officers so much support, motivation and training; because as they improve, so will our force.

Once you apply to transfer, you’ll find that we can help you realise your ambitions and develop your career.

Whether you want to specialise in a specific area of policing, or make your way up through the ranks, our experienced leaders can help you get there. Simply bring us your talent, dedication and enthusiasm, and we’ll welcome you to the team.

We're especially keen to hear from Detective Constables.

We offer of a range of CPD and run promotions boards annually.

Pay and benefits

As a Police Officer Transferee, you will retain your continuous service and current level of pay (excluding Force specific benefits i.e. London Weighting). You’ll also retain your annual leave entitlement, as long as there is no break in service. You will remain on your current pension arrangements.

You will receive £2000 South Eastern allowance per year on top of your basic pay, if you are not already receiving Housing or Transitional Rent allowance.

Our Selection Process

Our selection process is simple – you're already an experienced officer and that speaks volumes!

A serving officer can transfer between Forces whilst on their probation period. If the officer transfers before the end of their probation, provided they have served at least one year in probation, they will have to serve a further one year in the new Force. If the officer has served less than one year, they would be required to start the two years’ probation again. Transferees between Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire will be assessed on an individual basis in conjunction with our Learning & Development Team.

Applicants must be from a UK Home Office Forces to be considered a direct transferee. Applicants from non-Home Office Forces/Police Scotland/PSNI/MOD/CNC will be eligible to apply, Non-home office applicants will be required to undertake the full 16 week IPLDP course. (This will be reviewed on a case by case basis through our Learning and Development Department.)

A skills audit form is required at application stage to assess training requirements/refresher courses through our Learning and Development Department. All candidates will be required to complete a posting preference form. As a Constabulary we try and post each candidate into the department of their choice but this cannot be guaranteed as this is also down to Operational Demand for the Constabulary also.

Candidates who will require part time hours will be required to contact HR at the earliest opportunity once having applied to the Constabulary. This is to ensure that we have a confirmed shift pattern in place before confirming an intake date.

Candidates who successfully meet the selection criteria at application stage will be invited to undertake a Force interview assessing against the CVF (Core Values Framework).

Following interview we will provide a Force contact who will be able to provide advice and guidance throughout the transferee journey.

If successful at interview, the HR Service Centre will write to the candidates Home Force to request previous records including:

  • Dates of Service (Reference)
  • Pay roll details
  • Last 2 years of PDR
  • Up to date training records

Candidates will also be required to complete pre-employment checks with Hertfordshire Constabulary including vetting, medical, eyesight & fitness test.

Once all checks are successfully completed, an intake date will be confirmed via a Final Offer Letter.

The initial training period for direct transferees will be 2 weeks, Monday to Friday. This will be organised by the Learning and Development Department. Once the initial training period has been completed you will then start on your posted team. Candidates who will be completing the 16 week IPLDP course, will also be Monday to Friday. IPLDP candidates will then have one weeks annual leave before starting on their posted team the following week. IPLDP candidates will be told about their posting during the training period, expect for in exceptional circumstances deemed by HR.

Annual leave cannot be taken during the 2 week initial training period or the 16 week IPLDP course. If a candidate has pre-booked annual leave outside of this training period, we encourage the candidate to make HR aware of this. HR cannot approve this holiday but can make their line manager aware of this prior to them starting on the team. It will be down to the candidate to book this leave with their line manager officially when they land on their department.

Beyond your initial training, we aim to support the continuous professional development of our officers and have a number of CPD.

Calling All DCs We Need You!

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